Please complete this form, enclose it in with your dull knives and check. Do not use the red FedEx PRP label addressed to The Knife Guy if you have one. Ship your knives whichever way is best for you and I will ship them back FedEx Home or Ground. My usual turnaround time is just 24 hours.

City: ____________ State: ______  Zip: _____________

Item                  Quantity             Price           Total                  

Knives            _______        $5.00            $________

Serrated Knives_____         $ 7.00           $________

Kitchen shears/ _______       $ 6.00           $ _________

Household scissors.
Pocket Knives 1st. Blade. ____ $ 4.00         $________
Each Additional Blade.   _____$ 2.50          $________

Return Shipping.                     1           $ 16.00                         Your returning knives are insured for the first one hundred dollars. If you wish to add insurance please add one dollar fifty cents for every one hundred dollars.

                                    Insurance             $_________
                                        Total                   $ _____________

Please use a marker or heavy pen to cover any old label. It is important to make any old bar codes disappear.
Ship the box to The Knife Guy 5378 Harlem Rd. Galena, Ohio 43021. 
Please make the check payable to The Knife Guy.
Lastly enjoy the knives upon return and please keep the box for your next sharpening "back to fun sharp".  Thanks Blair McCreary